People, motivated by greed often forget their own kindness and rob their own colleagues.

Corporate investigations

Corporate Investigations throughout the globe

While working as a private investigator, we often find that people, motivated by greed often forget their own kindness and rob their own colleagues.  Employees who are involved in large malversation of goods, causing employers to balance on the brink of financial collapse/ruin. In other cases, employees will run off with most of the clientele to start their own business or sell confidential and sensitive  information to your competitors. An employee fraudulently claiming to be absent due to 'long-term sickness'? During this period. The employee will often work for themselves, do a little moonlighting and participate in all sorts of activities. Not only does this come with large financial damage, it is also the company's reputation and image that is at stake.

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Our Corporate Investigations, Compliance & Defence team

Our Corporate Investigations, Compliance & Defence team leverages all expertise to assist you regarding complying with the growing number of laws and regulations, the investigation of possible irregularities, and/or contact with regulators/authorities. Recent developments, such as international treaties to combat (cross border) corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism and more sophisticated international cooperation between (tax) authorities are just a few examples of the growing number of laws and regulations that need to be complied with. Also, companies should take into account that they themselves can become a victim of fraud or a victim of breach of (internal) regulations. Our Corporate Investigations, Compliance & Defence team offers clients legal assistance in such situations.

Internal Investigations

Don't allow bad behavior to corrupt your work environment, take action. Private investigators of Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche can help you regain control. Over the years, public authorities have increased their focus on combating fraud, corruption and cartels. Stibbe is a top-tier firm engaged by sophisticated multi-national companies for "bet the company work" including crisis management and corporate investigations. As part of our wide-ranging service we have particular expertise and extensive experience in the areas of white collar crime (including US FCPA and UK Bribery Act related matters), antitrust, financial regulatory, high-profile bankruptcy, public law, corporate law, tax, labor law and litigation.

Our work comprises of in-depth (corporate) investigations for companies and (semi) public organisations, advise on "damage control" and defending them before the relevant authorities and courts. Furthermore, we assist corporations who become subject to national or multi-jurisdictional investigations to develop coordinated cross-border strategies. We act swiftly in situations where timing is of the essence (e.g. in "whistle-blowing" cases).

We are well known for our integrated teams that combine cutting-edge legal expertise with quick, well-organized and "tailor-made" corporate investigations. This allows us to anticipate how the influence of current developments in one legal field may have an impact on events in another legal field. In cases that are likely to attract publicity, we also assist with the press strategy.

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What is Operational Risk Management?

The term Operational Risk Management (ORM) is defined as forming a continuous cyclical process that risk assessment, risk management, decision making and implementation of risk management tools.

This results in the acceptance of risks, mitigation (reduction) of risks or avoiding risks. Operational Risk Management is actually 'monitoring the operational risk management processes', including the assessment of the risks of (financial) loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes and systems, human factors, or external events. Becoming aware of these processes and their implementation in the current time inseparable from the correct way of doing business and risk mitigation.

The Operational (interim) Risk Manager

The role of the Operational Risk Manager continues to evolve and grow in importance. Besides the fact that he or she is responsible for setting up a robust Operational Risk Management protocol and process related thereto, the Risk Manager also plays a vital role in increasing awareness of the benefits of a sound operational risk management. The larger financial institutions and to take seriously organizations have therefore been a Risk Manager on the payroll.

Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche has a specific process for institutions with large ad hoc (financial) risks camps, or to recognize the risks to the organization identify and consequent want to implement. Following Risk Management Through a project-based approach can offer a Senior Risk Manager to place you in a predetermined period, for example, depending on the size of your organization, for a period of three to six months.

The major advantage of this approach is that an order placed by our Senior Risk Manager no risk of 'interest' carries with it, as the Senior Risk Manager with open vision processes will be key to his own knowledge, his own experience and subsequent applicable strategies in the organization. This will close in advance in any case conflicting risks. 

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