In this digital age the damage of all business-related fraud amounts annually in billions

Business Fraud - Corporate fraud

Presumptions of business fraud or corparate fraud?

Company Fraud comes in all departments of a company or organization. What is new is that corporate fraud is increasingly performed with the use, or rather abuse of digital environments. In this digital age the damage of all business-related fraud amounts annually in billions. Business fraud or Corporate Fraud is a form of fraud that occurs on every department in a business. From production hall to the financial department. You also can't rule out corruption at higher management levels, like the board of directors too. Research has shown that this type of fraud is where the most damage is made. Most companies and organizations aren't yet equipped with the tools needed to take counter measurements.  Our forensic investigation services can provide the necessary tools to detect, channel and provide the solution.

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A new perspective at fighting corporate fraud?

Previously, when suspicions of fraud were pending all the time, everything was investigated administratively, mostly supplemented by observations and interviews. Due to the digitalisation nowadays, there is also a range of new, innovative research methodologies that has risen. Should the Police not respond quickly enough, feel free to call for the expertise of Recherchebureau Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche. You are then secured with a very motivated and experienced group of detectives that will investigate the fraud. Do we solve everything? Certainly not, but our dissolution rate is high. That is what we stand for.

The research strategy of Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche

Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche investigates corporate fraud on the basis of the following new research methods, but this is only possible, and that will often be the case if you are an entrepreneur, if you own the phone, computer or laptop on wich we conduct the investigation. This is due to the scope of the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP). Some examples of innovative (part) investigations into corporate fraud are:

  • tapping the desk phone of the (alleged) fraudulent employee(s), in which case the corporate fraud is out in the open;
  • laying (internet) taps on the computer/laptop of (alleged) fraudulent employee(s);
  • the provision of Digital Forensic Research on computer or laptop from the (alleged) fraudulent employee(s).

Traditional research methodologies

In addition, the traditional research methods are applied. Just think of:

  • the provision of (financial) administrative inquiry;
  • observing the (alleged) fraudulent employee(s);
  • interviewing (possible) witnesses;
  • the confrontational interviewing of the perpetrator(s).
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Forensic IT- Forensic digital research vs corporate fraud

Without a doubt, the newest and fastest growing form of crime is computer related crime which often leads to corporate fraud, or a form of integral corporate fraud. Our Forensic IT specialists search for digital traces for they are left behind, and/or monitor remote digital traces as they will be filed in the future. In this way we can act repressive. These traditional research techniques and new digital research methods are mixed together.

The Forensic IT investigations are conducted by Forensic Detectives with years of experience in the field of Digital Forensic Research. They follow, monitor or analyze the movements of the other party on the digital highway signs and their findings in a detailed research report. When the investigation is complete, the findings are contained in a document signed by the Digital Forensic Investigators 'final report'.

Of interest

To ensure consistent quality, the researchers from Recherchebureau Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche, popularly known as' private investigators' or 'company detectives', are mostly recruited from specialized components of the various investigative services, such as;

  • Police;
  • Royal Military Police;
  • The Royal Dutch Customs;
  • The Royal Dutch Navy.

This fact also constitutes our quality. The supervisor of our Forensic investigators has thereby, in addition to the title Engineer (Ing.), the titles CGEIT CISA CISSP CISM CRISC MBCP and SCF. This is important, because that sets us apart from our competition.A final report has the status of 'objective witness testimony'. This is based on the fact that we are recognized by the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Discrete professionals

Detective agency Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche is recognized by the Ministry of Security and Justice. Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche is an investigation agency for the purpose of business, the legal profession and governments. Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche specializes in investigating corporate fraud through thorough investigations. Within the limits of the law and regulations we discreetly gather information, analyze and edit it, as is our primary task. Our detectives do it professionally, accurately and decisively!

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