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Adultery, unfaithfulness or infidelity?

Cheating and adultery investigations

The source of great personal suffering.  Are you being cheated on by your partner? Hiring a Private Detective can seem like a radical move, but it can limit the amount of damage that is often a direct consequence of these situations. The pain that comes with not knowing or having no proof can be debilitating and is the cause of many mental issues and all kinds of physical problems. These often lead to less effectiveness in daily life, going to work etc. Investigators of Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche can ascertain the truth and take away the uncertainty that comes with these problems. 

Cheating is having a (sexual) contact or a (sexual) relationship with someone other than the regular partner. This is often seen as immoral behaviour. Are very varying figures from research evidence about the percentage of people that sometimes cheating. This is a logical consequence of the fact that there is no clear definition of when there is sex. One survey finds sufficient cushion, the other study, the definition of cheating to intercourse. Also, people are often not very open about their sexual activities, making the survey results strongly depend on the way the respondent questioned. When someone who is married cheating we also speak of an extramarital relationship or adultery.

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What is cheating?

The definition of cheating varies from culture to culture and even from couple to couple. In some cases, partners agree that they have an "open relationship", where sexual relations with third parties is permitted. Only love each other remains reserved for the permanent partner, which is also an argument that cheaters often condone their activities ("we just have sex, but I love my wife / husband"). Sexual contact with third parties is in fact seen in the vast majority of cases like cheating. However Cybersex is difficult to define as such because direct sexual contact is missing. However, many people also see cyber sex as cheating, because they are certain intimacies shared with a third person.

Even kissing is a difficult issue, but most people do not see it as cheating, unless it concerns a kiss on the mouth. A kiss is after all an expression friendship or even a formal greeting. For cuddling is more or less the same, as long as it does not happen in an intimate way. Masturbating and thereby to someone other than your partner think is often not seen as cheating, although some people feel guilty about it afterwards. This also applies to watching porn or erotic dream about another. Yet often gives the partner an uncomfortable feeling that he or she is "not good enough".

Reasons for cheating

There are various motives that underlie cheating. Long absence of one of the partners increases the risk. Sometimes the regular partner (sexual) is not interesting (more). This may be because there is a certain rut or routine in the sex has come and will be "something new", but it may also have to deal with that sexual preferences one has where the partner not willing to cooperate. Also, it may be too far apart the lives of both partners lead to cheating with someone with whom one has simply more common. Furthermore, some pride in the fact that they are cheating and do it later brag about to your friends and colleagues. Finally, should not be underestimated. Too especially love the excitement and the thrill of danger or caught Finally, it is possible that the cheating just the beginning of a new relationship that "overlap" with the previous one.

Indications that your partner is cheating

Cheating is basically considered by many people as "not done". Since 2009 there are in the Netherlands and Belgium even dating sites that specifically focus on women and men who want to cheat. More and more scientific papers show otherwise a connection between the Internet usage and the increasing number of divorces.

However, there are several factors that may indicate that the partner would even be able cheating:

  • He or she behaves differently than before;
  • He or she is suddenly absent unusual times;
  • He or she behaves nervously;
  • Haren, or parfum-/aftershavelucht of another, although this does not have to be caused by cheating per se;
  • There hurling objects that do not belong to one of the partners around the house;
  • He or she has suddenly much less or sometimes more precisely sexual interest for the partner.


Research shows that men are better able to detect than women unfaithful. The American scientist Paul Andrews discovered in his research that 75% of men realized if the partner was cheating. In women it was 41%.

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Private Detective investigations for individuals?

Why do we do research for individuals? It is true that Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche located primarily focuses on companies. That's how it is grown. But we do not feel too big to stand. People with their own personal suffering to Investigations often goes into research to financial loss for example, business fraud, corporate theft or fraudulent sick leave, pension it is often unclear suffering, including the possibility that one of the partners the other cheats. We are also just for those people who have problems that go beyond financial problems. Did you know how many health problems of the adultery of the spouse or partner of cheating?

An example from our daily practice

Suppose you have been a relationship with your partner. But there seems to be any change. Because he or she works very often, is overdereven cheerful or very quiet. He or nd jealously keeps his or her phone with her or she clicks the web page quickly away as you enter the room. Exaggerated? Unfortunately not, we make it quite regularly that cheating partners together. Who is your partner cheating? With his or her ex, the best friend of the husband or the wife's best friend. The sister of the wife or mother or father or brother of the husband. And not to forget, w ith neighbor or a colleague or business partner. Unfortunately, in all walks of society. Want on the agony and suffering? Would you hire an experienced private investigator?

Take feel free to contact us. We decided, after consultation, to conduct an observational research to 'objective truth' fix. In an introduction by phone, post or after dispatch of the implemented below contact form, you will have the opportunity to vent. Oversoel or your suspicions of cheating to us Then we will offer you a free consultation in which the research opportunities are presented to you. Will also be a free quote be made.

After this, a senior researcher at you or at the office Recherchebureau Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche an 'intake talk "with you. This cost-free call for you to include mutual data exchange. Thus, a case adjusted by us on your 'plan' presented and budgetary arrangements are made. You will also be informed about the scope of the Data Protection Act (WBP). After you have given to us, the contract will commence the actual research.

Approved by the Ministry of Justice and Safety department

The observational studies be carried out by at least two investigators with years of experience in the field of observations. They follow the movements of the other party and draw their findings in a detailed research report, with exact timestamps. When the investigation is complete, the findings contained in a document signed by the investigators 'final report'. If necessary, but only within the legal frameworks, observations will be supplemented by photographs or video material. The final report is then in your possession in triplicate.

Our reports and legal options

A final report has Dörr Investigations for Police, Court and CWI status "objective testimony. This based on the fact that we are recognized by the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Discrete professionals

Recherchebureau Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche BV is recognized by the Ministry of Security and Justice investigation agency for the purpose of business, the legal profession and governments. We specialize in researching corporate fraud through thorough investigation Investigations. Within the limits of the law and regulations discreetly gather information, analyze and edit is our primary task. Our detectives do it professionally, accurately and decisively!

Of interest to you

To ensure consistent quality, the researchers Recherchebureau Dörr Investigations, popularly known as' private investigators' or 'company detectives, mostly recruited from specialized components of the various investigative services, such as Police, Royal Military Police, Customs or the Royal Navy . This fact also constitutes our quality. This experienced, qualified researchers determine the quality of the research to be carried out by them. For that reason they remain continuously informed of developments by attending vocational practical training and speaking on semi airs

It is thanks to the many years of research experience of these discreet professionals, but also by the love of the profession, that Recherchebureau Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche themselves for years to the main Recherche Offices Netherlands can count. And we are proud!

Free advice

May we also greet you as a client Recherchebureau Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche? Call once for personal advice under phone or contact form below. We are happy to be of service. But beware: call is always faster than e-mail! Call is always faster and more detailed information can also be directly exchanged. This helps you to get in our services and it helps us to give. Appropriate advice direct insight Anyway, we are very happy to assist. Are always May we wish you a good day?

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