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Lengthy and Serious Absence from Work

A worker who does not fulfill his work oblogations - Sickleave

Do you have the idea that your employee is not fulfilling his work obligations? Are results falling short compared to the weekly reports he submits? Our investigators have many years of experience in such cases. The outcomes of our investigations are often alarming. In fact our reports may even form the immediate ground for termination of employment for urgent cause.

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An example from our daily practice

Suppose one of your employees has called in sick for example, suffering from a whiplash, it's been months and the employee does not attend at his or her work. The employee says that he is barely able to move his neck. You do not trust it at all. If you are trying to establish contact, he or she repeatedly doesn't answer the phone. Or you have obtained information that your employee performs work elsewhere. Contact a senior private investigator from Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche and we'll decide, after consultation, to conduct an observational study of at least six days to determine the 'objective truth', because fraudulent absenteeism is damaging for any organization.

The professional aproach by Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche

In an introduction by phone, post or after dispatching the implemented contact form below, you will have the opportunity to ventilate your suspicions to us. Then we will offer you a free consultation in which a senior detective presents the possible investigations and/or tactics to you. Furthermore, budgetary arrangements are made. You will also be informed about the scope of the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP). Once you have signed the confirmation to us, we will begin the actual investigation(s).

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