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About Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche

Welcome to the secured website of detective agency Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche. Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche is an international operating detective agency, recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice department. We have ensured through thorough and specialized investigations our place in the field of investigating corporate fraud. The expertise of Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche includes the surveillance and monitoring of field staff for example, suspected fraudulent sickleave, researching (large) corporate fraud and performing Forensic IT.

Our private detctives - private investgators

All our private detectives, also named private investigators are qualified and certified and furthermore they are specialists coming fom Police, KMAR, The Royal Dutch Customs Service and The Royal Dutch Navy. In addition, our researchers are familiar with the latest psychological approach techniques and interrogation techniques and they keep their knowledge up to date by continuing courses and deepen themselves in research related matters, attending tactical and technical trainings and visiting training institutes, and by holding presentations for companies or governments.

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What exactly is Bedrijfsrecherche?

Bedrijfsrecherche is the collective name for various types of investigations, for example internal theft, business fraud or business related cybercrime. We have made it our goal to recognize and research corporate fraud. Investigations into corporate fraud can be carried out with the use of various research techniques:

  • observing and pursuing employees;
  • conducting interviews;
  • placing hidden cameras in alleged theft or embezzlement;
  • carry out test purchases;
  • he use of undercover investigators at large-scale corporate fraud.

A closer look at our expertise

Surveillance and monitoring of workers:

  • investigating fraudulent sickleave;
  • research into serious absenteeism and/or checking activities;
  • investigation of violation of non-competition clause.

We also investigate large-scale corporate fraud for companies and organizations. The results are generally beneficial. Not only does it stop the damage and reduces the risk of recurrence, one could also take repressive actions with the help of authorities after an investigation by detective agency Dörr Bedrijfsrecherche.

Presumptions of business fraud?

Do you have suspicions of corporate fraud in your company or organization and you want to recieve advice on the various research possibilities? Please call +31-85-80 9090 from outside Holland. Are you a foreigner living in The Netherlands and do you have a Dutch phone number please call 085- 800 9090 now for our services.

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Non-committal advice?

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